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Why should you organize your next corporate event in Berlin?

Updated: Jan 25

This city is enough on its own to add stars to your event and make it shine.

Corporate Event in Berlin

- Berlin's Cathedral in full swing

Why is it attractive?

Whether you're a nature lover, an art lover or an adrenaline junkie, Berlin has something for everyone. Germany's various capitals have the ability to offer the trip of a lifetime. The city is a melting pot of cultures with a perfect blend of historical, technological and geographical attractions. Berlin is considered one of Europe's most famous cities because it is the world's centre of politics, media, culture and science. Founded in the 12th century, this German capital has an economy powered by biomedical, high-tech, pharmaceutical, engineering and renewable energy industries.

This is why Berlin is one of the world's most popular conference venues, hosting hundreds of international conferences and events each year. The modern hotel landscape with an excellent price/performance ratio also explains the unique charm of the metropolis of Spree.

Events in Berlin

Conferring to visitor amounts from the Worldwide Conference and Conference Association (ICCA), Berlin is Germany's number one conference city. In 2017, 140,200 conferences were held in Berlin, attended by approximately 11.7 million participants. Also, 7.9 million nights in MICE business is only a sector of the 31.15 million nights.

Different and new exhibitions and actions such as 'Pop Culture' at Kulturbrauerei are now developing into established events. International attendees appreciate the fair trade visits, incentives, various conference centres, outstanding hotels and the unparalleled event program that Berlin has to propose.

Travelling facilities

Moving to Berlin is frequently not only the wildest but also the cheapest technique to travel. You can like the great city centre from the sky. The first thing you see is the television tower that greets passengers from afar. Tegel and the Schönefeld airports are effortlessly and rapidly accessible from the city centre and optimally combined into the airline's domestic and worldwide network.

Cars and automobiles must have suitable stickers in the environmental region. The town centre is home to a tightly interconnected local transport network, offering unlimited mobility for Berliners and tourists day and night.

Accommodation and venues

The German capital has some of Europe's most modern hotel landscapes. The extensive range of hotels is supported through convincing features such as excellent service value and outstanding value for money. Observing for the correct event location? Berlin has what you're looking for! The centre has many exclusive venues, from former train places to current convention centres.

In recent years, Berlin has evolved into a forged delicious hotspot and following trends. In the German capital, a creative kitchen magician meets a culinary free spirit driven by a love of experimentation, cosmopolitanism and a passion for quality. The city is inspired by Germany's principal amount of Michelin-starred cafes and a fantastic selection of international gastronomic experiences.

Berlin’s Marquee Theater

If you are looking for a unique corporate event location in Berlin that your whole company will never forget, this place is the perfect choice for you. In short, a sophisticated circus tent. Located in the heart of Berlin's Tiergarten district (known as the parliamentary, governmental and diplomatic district), it is just a stone's throw from the Chancellery, now the world's largest governing body.

The venue is the Marquee Theater with its four supporting masts and is considered one of Berlin's most unique event locations. The marquee is available for exclusive events and has the flexibility to accommodate small to large groups. With its large stage and well-designed bar, the Theater Tent is the ideal setting for an unforgettable private corporate event in Berlin.

The Magnificent Market

This venue is a restored market hall offering local food, crafts, arts and media. Since 1891, the hotel has been one of Berlin's most unusual but glamorous places to host corporate events. Six days a week, it's a market hall that sells all kinds of food, and in the evening, the event's atmosphere changes.

From a small office party for 20 people to a significant corporate event for up to 800 people, this venue will easily accommodate your event needs. A dedicated team of experienced staff will take care of planning your event from start to finish. Satisfied customers who have used it as a venue include Samsung, Dell and American Express.

Industrial Innovation

This is the place if you're looking for a modern event venue with an industrial appeal. Formerly a dairy farm, it is an industrial-era listed building. According to the story, Karl Bolle created a factory with social facilities for his workforce.

With an area of ​​over 3,000 m2, it is the ideal venue for all kinds of events in Berlin. Whether your corporate theme is modern or classic, our ballrooms can be easily decorated and rearranged to suit your event needs, accommodating 150 to 800 guests.

Berlin is the capital and one of the largest cities in Germany; It Is like a centre that connects you to the rest of Germany and even Europe. This is ever happening; known for its scenic beauty and modern landmarks, Berlin is a city that can open avenues for you once you are able to execute your event here. Being a metropolis, this city gives you all the reasons and opportunities to come forth with your ideas and put them on display to attract the right people or your target audience.

Catering to all the protocols for hosting grand events, Berlin has been home to various international events each year because of its market and growing industrial setups. It's a city that welcomes innovation and ideas that are worth spreading. You should hold your event in this city without a doubt to make it successful and stand out to a larger audience. With multiple venues, state-of-the-art technology, a variety of leisure activities and ongoing industrial innovations, Berlin is a city that offers you opportunities that connects you to the world at large.

Curious to know more about how we can help you organize your next event in Berlin? Contact us at or go to for more information.

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